Azure PowerShell - Redis Cache Management Functions

Posted on Oct 22, 2014 in Technical  | No comments

Early in October Microsoft announced GA (Gold) status for their Redis Cache service. Great.  Unfortunately all the tools for provisioning and managing the service are still in preview or beta. Not so great.

Following a failed provisioning (read about that here) I had to hack my way through the PowerShell tools so I thought I’d share the steps to make it work.  You’ll need to update the PS module (to Oct 2014 release) and switch to the AzureResourceManager mode to get to the Redis functions.

  1. Get the new tooling from GitHub at

    I used the Web Platform Installer for Windows 8.1 x64 but I don’t think it matters
  2. After it installs start an Azure PowerShell using Run as Administrator
  3. Relax execution policy restrictions because the AzureResourceManager mode scripts are not signed
    Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope Process -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
  4. Switch modes
    Switch-AzureMode -Name AzureResourceManager
    You should get a wall of yellow text
  5. Login to Azure

You should now have access to “resource management” functions.  Try

Get-Command *azure*

to see what they all are.

At this point I still couldn’t reach my Redis Cache services as I was getting AuthenticationFailed with a tenant mismatch issue.  If this is happening to you read my other post about how I fixed the ‘access token is from the wrong issuer’ problem.