Flash FLV over IIS

Posted on Feb 26, 2014 in Technical  | No comments

Recently I was deploying a web site with Flash video on. The Flash SWF files and associated FLV files (these are the ones containing the video that is streamed back to the user) were all in the correct directories however the videos still would not play. Instead I simply saw a blank screen.

Windows IIS only serves files for which a MIME type is configured. There are several levels you can configure these including for the whole server (right-click server > Properties > MIME types) for a particular site (right-click site > Properties > HTTP Headers > MIME Types) or even for a folder beneath the site. You will notice that the settings are inherited, so specifying the value for the server negates the need to specify it for each site, and so on.

Set the MIME type as follows:

Extension: .flv

MIME Type: video/x-flv (other MIME type settings may also work)

If you altered the MIME setting on the server you will need to restart with “iis_reset” but if you only altered the setting for a given site then simply stopping and starting that site is enough.