The Challenge

me&u is a revolutionary, disruptive restaurant-based food and beverage ordering and payment app and service. It is the brainchild of Stevan Premutico, the creator of Dimmi, the global restaurant booking service.

The Solution

Having successfully tested the concept and logistics within a small group of ‘friendly’ restaurants, it is currently rolling out to a large number of high-profile Sydney restaurants before a nationwide expansion over the next few months. PING has delivered from scratch, the IA, UX, design, and PWA build along with the complex back-end integration with the collection of POS systems used across different restaurant groups (each with their own unique requirements) that enables instant online payments. We have also coordinated, tested and installed the NFC-based locational tap-and-log-in table beacon system that identifies users and enables them to join a table, place an order, change an order and pay from their mobile phone.

Services Provided

UX Strategy

Interface Design

Brand Research & Development

Front-end development


Systems Integration

Beacon Implementation

Project Management